18th Birthday

A poem written for Jenny’s 18th requested by her mum, Sally.

I can’t believe that Jenny’s all grown up,

My baby girl now wearing makeup.

At 13 she grew up and you know that it’s true,

Clubbing she was (oh yes I blumming knew!)

She was the apple in her doting dad’s eye,

We lost him too young, we oft share a cry. 

He’s missed so much of his little girl,

Tap and ballet, her little twirl.

Breaking her arm, falling out of the tree,

Not being able to sit on his knee.

But it made us closer, we feel like sisters,

Trying together to heel our lives’ blisters.

But I’ve watched her grow, watching every little step,

‘Caribbean’ fan, her crush on Johnny Depp.

Beautiful and sporty and part of each team,

Taking the lead in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Always trying at school to work hard,

Loving Shakespeare our great English bard.

That time I caught you clip clipping in my shoes,

Prancing outside in now broken Jimmy Choos!!

When she got measles she was covered in spots,

I told her it’s a game, you just join up the dots!

I told her that prawns weren’t fishes at all,

So that she’d eat them and yes she did fall,

She believed me until she saw on the telly, 

Prawns all swimming, never again in her belly.

Friends all around her gathered here today,

It’s Jenny’s birthday hip hip hurray!

Now she is  eighteen she can go to the pub,

With Georgia and Mary, maybe meet her new hub!

She can have a bet on the Grand National race,

Go off to Uni and have her own space.

Studying English and Performing Arts,

Showing them all that’s she’s clever and smart.

What a lucky mam I’ve been for these years,

Now let’s raise a glass to ‘ Our Jenny! Cheers!!’


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