A poem written for Lucy for her 5th birthday at the request of her parents, John and Claire.

Five years ago Lucy came into our world,

All of our love was simply unfurled

On this little precious bundle of joy,

We’d got our very own Helen of Troy!

The most beautiful baby you could hope to see,

The amazing addition to our family tree.

A tiny tot, only 5lb 3 ounce,

On our knees she just loved to bounce.

Always happy and giggling, so cute,

Talking ‘scribble’, she was never mute.

Cooing and babbling, she made sense to us,

Always content, never making a fuss.

Taking her first steps as we guided her,

Then she was running, growing up such a blur.

‘Mummy’ and ‘daddy’ of course her first words,

Playing in the garden and pointing at birds.

She was always so quick to notice new things,  

Making up words, oh the joy that it brings.

‘Choppies’ for shopping and ‘ta ta’ for tea,

More little things that would amuse all who see.

Going to the nursery and painting the cows,

Getting home and then showing us how,

They have to be black with lots of white spots,

Playing her games, she loved dot to dot.

Starting school, with her uniform on,

Playing songs and banging her drum.

Learning to read, so clever you see,

John always saying, ‘She takes after me!’

Well now she is five, our precious little girl,

Party dress on, giving us a twirl.

She’s our special daughter, a one of a kind,

Oh yes she can be naughty but we never mind,

Because love has no boundaries, for parents you know,

Love is personified, it’s never furloughed.

Happy birthday our darling, Little Luby Lou,

You know that mummy and daddy just simply love you!!

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