A poem to celebrate Milly and Matt’s engagement requested by Milly’s best friend, Jackie.

I can’t believe that Milly’s settling down,

We all know how she likes a night on the town.

She’s played hard to get for so many years,

Leaving lads in tatters and tears.

Load of fellars always chasing behind,

Sincerely hoping that love isn’t blind.

‘Love them and leave them,’ was always her motto,

Bewitching them like she’s in a magical grotto.

She was the most sought after girl in our school,

The boys all salivating, chins covered in drool.

She’d lead them on, then dump them so quick,

Having a laugh at her cruel little trick.

Playing the ‘players’ at their own game,

Well to be honest, she put them to shame.

She was always keeping one step ahead,

We’d watch on and quite simply dread,

One more lad just looking a fool,

Coming up to her, thinking they’re cool.

Quickly putting them right in their place,

They’d shuffle away with a little red face.

But suddenly a change because Matt came along,

Playing it chilly and singing ‘her song’.

She noticed he wasn’t begging her to date,

She thought that was interesting so she’d just have to wait.

So now they’re both trying to get themselves seen,

Neither wishing to look ought but serene.

A game of chess, who makes their move first?

You can’t be a pawn that would be worst.

Six months passed and still no reaction,

Neither showing that they had any passion.

We’re all thinking they’re both being silly,

Knowing that’s typical of Matt and Milly.

Finally Matt played his Royal King,

Asked her out, wondering what it might bring.

A few ‘Umms’ and ‘ahhs’ but all just an act,

She was going to say yes and that was a fact.

Two years together, now getting engaged,

They realised quickly it had all been staged.

They stopped all the acting and showed their true love,

Smitten just like two doting white doves.

They opened the curtain to a perfect play,

And that’s why we’re celebrating here today.

They’re going to act out a loving life together,

Sticking together like birds of a feather.

They both found their love and that’s clear to all,

And now they can answer to each beck and call.

Devoted to each other and partners forever,

Love personified which nothing can sever.

We wish them happiness in their lives ahead,

Planning the day that they’ll happily wed,

The Yin to the yang, the perfect match,

Knowing that finally they both got their catch.

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