Gareth and Gabrielle’s 21st birthday, requested by their parents, Fiona and Geoff.

Gaz and Gabby, our terrible twins,

From the moment they were born they had us in spins.

Double the trouble we have to say,

Getting into mischief on every day.

Having to have eyes in the back of our heads,

Some days thinking we need to take meds.

A couple of rascals and bundles of fun,

From the very day that their lives begun.

They both were the absolute apple of our eyes,

Very hard to handle and we can’t tell you lies.

The terrible twos were a nightmare to handle,

Both of them behaving like they were a vandal.

Then they stopped sleeping, staying up all night,

All we were wanting was to have a sleep tight.

Then came along nursery, two scamps on the loose,

The nurses were gobsmacked and that is the truth.

Starting school teachers having two twins in a class,

The staff all regretting they had this lad and lass.

Then off to high school, they still stuck together,

Playing their sports whatever the weather,

Burning off energy so in class they’d calm down,

Otherwise they would both become the class clown.

They did well with their studies and made us so proud,

They were our little duo who stood out in a crowd.

They went off to Uni and lived the high life,

Just about managing to avoid trouble and strife.

And here we are now on their special day,

They’ve reached 21 and we just have to say,

You may have been trouble and two little pests,

But really you both are simply the best.

Happy birthday, you’re precious and loved every day,

And all that’s left is to say, Hip Hip hurray!!’

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