It’s Coming Home…Next November

Football may not have come home quite yet,

We failed again to put the pen in the net.

But Qatar is close, only next November to wait,

The World Cup is coming, now that’s the update.

We must take heart from last night’s defeat,

It still was an absolute incredible fete,

Young lads all bonding as one as a team,

They’ll deliver the big one, all of our dream.

It might seem hard to take it today,

But there won’t have to be a very long delay.

We beat the Germans and showed that we’re strong,

The world’s elite is where we belong.

The Euros was simply a dress rehearsal.

Our time’s to come, I see a reversal.

Our fortune will change, it’s coming back,

We will get quickly back on the track.

Eighteen months ‘til we lift the cup,

Last night was just a little hiccup.

So come on the lads and give us that glory,

Just wait and see, there’ll be a new story.

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