21st Birthday.

This is a poem written for Matt’s 21st birthday, requested by his parents.

6lbs 5 ounces, our bundle of fun,

It wasn’t the lottery but we’d certainly won.

Baby called Matthew, our first to be born.

Love forever that’s what was sworn.

Playing with his tractor and climbing up trees,

A cheeky smile and a playful tease.

Sometimes naughty, and making a fuss,

Wouldn’t walk anywhere or get on a bus.

Hated his veg and didn’t like school,

Preferred playing football and acting the fool.

Spoilt by his grandma and doting grandad,

Whatever he got up to it just made them glad.

He once chopped down grandad’s award winning plum,

They weren’t even cross, it might make him glum.

Just one little giggle from this little boy,

That’s all was needed to give them great joy.

A teenager then, a strapping young man,

Girls outside, fluttering their fan.

Playing it cool with his handsome good looks,

Flirting like mad, breaking all the rule books.

A few drunken nights when he couldn’t take his booze,

Staggering home, he had nothing to lose.

Do it again, the very next night.

Out with Mike, what a terrible sight.

Going to the gym to try and keep fit,

Pounding the treadmill so he was a hit.

Going off to UNI, a lump in our throat,

Watching our young lad putting on his coat.

We can’t believe he’s now 21,

Only seems two minutes since his life begun.

The key in his hand, he’s now our young man,

Aren’t we lucky that it all went to plan.

He’s made us proud, we’re a lucky mum and dad,

After all, he’s not turned out too bad!

Your life ahead of you, so go have some fun,

As we watch on as you embark on life’s run.

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