Jane, John, Lizzie and Nick are all the loving children of Albert and Ida and asked for this poem to be written after the passing of their Dad. Grandchildren are Annabel and Lucy.

This is a time to celebrate Albert’s inning,

He loved his cricket when England were winning.

We’re lucky that he managed to make such old bones,

So we want this upbeat with no moans or groans.

Dad wanted us to remember the man that he was,

Not weeping or crying and that was because

He’d lived a full life for 98 years,

So it’s a time for laughter, so wipe away tears.

He loved his dominos and playing darts,

In the pub with friends but he also liked The Arts.

Spending time in his allotment, fresh greens for us kids,

None left on your plate, that’s what he forbid.

Looking after his bees and making his honey,

Selling it on for a little extra money,

To take us on holidays, to be by the sea,

Building sand castles and drinking his tea.

Always devoted to our mum who he’d cherish,

Their love was so strong that his memory won’t perish.

They loved to show off, dancing the Quick Step,

Winning contests because they were the best.

Watching ‘Strictly’ and saying how it should be done,

Knowing that was where their love had begun.

He loved working as a joiner with all of his friends,

Enjoying over 60 years at Blake’s Transcends.

If we’re honest he didn’t much like getting old.

He’d always been so active and he didn’t like the cold.

He was fed up that he couldn’t tend to his flowers,

Seeing weeds in his garden looking over like towers.

But his life was a happy one, it was so full of fun,

He wouldn’t want us now to be miserable or glum.

Our job here and now is to make sure mum remains happy,

That’s what dad requested and he made it quite snappy.

There’s four of his children and grandkids as well,

To gather around her so that she can tell,

That dad may not be actually here on this Earth

But he’s watching on like a spiritual rebirth.

We’ll feel his presence in the steps that he’s taken,

His memory will never ever be forsaken.

I’m sure he’ll be watching The Ashes in the sky,

Wimbledon and Olympics all in July.

Go on dad! Continue to have fun,

Till we all reunite, our family as one.

Cheers to our dad!

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