Wedding anniversary

10th wedding anniversary written for Dave for his lovely wife Kim (Yes he’s a bit of a softy!)

I remember we met in a sleazy nightclub,

I went up to you, expecting a snub.

Couldn’t believe it when you said you would dance,

I thought to myself go grab this chance.

We walked home together, it took us hours,

The very next day I bought you some flowers.

It must have impressed you as it did the trick,

You agreed to a date, I was already love sick.

Six months on we were always together,

I knew straight away that we’d last forever.

One year passed and I knew it was time.

To get on one knee but dreading a decline.

A diamond for you I held in my hand,

Heart pounding with all I had planned.

The little word, ’Yes’ echoed in my ear,

And we were married the very next year.

Seeing you walk down the aisle in your gown,

I was the luckiest man in the town.

Honeymoon in Vegas, and playing roulette,

Our love all could see, whoever we met.

Then came along Archie and Jamie, thank you.

Sharing our love with our terrible two.

No more Vegas it’s more Scarborough beach,

Watching you guide them and motherly teach

Them how to be good boys, be kind and polite,

Watching my family is an incredible sight.

Ten years together and my love is as strong,

And you still know where my heart will belong

In another ten years, twenty and more,

It will always be you that I simply adore

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