Arthur’s Christening

A poem written for Mark and Gail for the christening of little Arthur 

God made the world in just 7 days,

The wind and the rain and the sweet sun rays.

Made it a paradise for us to live in, 

To Lead a good life, devoid of all sin.

The world was our haven, a very special gift,

But then it became better, our hearts had a lift. 

Into this world came our little boy, 

7lb, 3 ounces our bundle of joy.

Innocence and purity personified,

Our love and devotion we just cannot hide.

Little Arthur is joining God’s team,

Our small family now a becoming our dream.

His growth spurts all set out in neat little charts,

Each step he takes a new print on our hearts.

First words were spoken that are etched forever,

Protecting him each day our only endeavour.

With God to guide us we wet his head,

Ensuring he will never have anything to dread.

A Christian family joined here today,

To witness our child we promise to say,

That we will ensure he is brought up well,

Honest and kind to make our hearts swell.

Grandparents to help us and siblings too,

Uncles and cousins, aunties all true.

We ask God to bless him as we share a prayer,

That little Arthur will not have a care.

God made our miracle to join his creations,

The birds and the butterflies in all the nations.

He’s now one of God’s soldiers as angels look on, 

As he grows up, our very special son.

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