LEEDS UNITED UNTIL I DIE- written for Luca and his family of ardent Leeds fans!

All fans coming together for England! 

Following Leeds

Is hard at its best,

Everyone hates us,

We’re the team they detest.

But that makes us laugh more,

We’re just Dirty Leeds,

White not red blood,

Is what our fans will bleed.

We’ve always been cheated,

And missed our rewards.

This year Beilsa

And Meslier’s awards.

15 points deducted,

By the football league,

And as for why?

Well there’s the intrigue.

It just doesn’t matter,

We don’t give a shit,

We’ll simply bounce back

Like a raging Bull Pit.

Bowyer was banned

By the stupid F.A.

You can’t keep us down,

It was an all white hair day.

Revie our hero,

The manager we love,

Team kit like ‘Real’

It fit like a glove.

Proud of our heroes,

We’ve followed for years,

Charlton and Bremner

Opponents in tears.

The great Norman Hunter,

Always biting your leg,

Lorimer and Sniffer

‘Don’t kick us!’ teams beg.

Then there’s O’leary,

With his greatest babes,

Viduka and Woodgate

Just a few accolades.

Now we’ve got Bamford,

A posh lad we know,

Should be at Euros,

Just another sad blow.

Raphinha and Rodrigo

Now part of our dream.

Adding their flair

To our super fit team.

Home grown lads,

Who are fighting with passion,

Kalvin and Jack

Part of our strong White’s ration.

Marching on…

We all chant together.

Supporting The Whites

forever and ever.

Hating the red team

From over the border.

We all know they’re scum,

Our house is in order.

It’s simply a must be

That runs in our veins

Don’t forget Chelsea

The hatred ne’r wanes.

Then there is Sunderland,

The shit underdogs,

We’ve a soft spot for them,

In some murky bog.

Vinnie Jones’ heart thump,

When we got a corner.

Another Leeds’ Legend.

And great White’s performer.

We’re going to win

The premiership,

And then we can chant

The best chosen script.

‘Champions of England!!’

Our rightful spot.

Right at the summit,

And now we’re white hot!!!

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