Rhymes For All Reasons

Rhymes for all reasons is my little task,

Birthdays or bling days, whatever you ask.

Best man speeches or loved ones lost,

Happiness in summer or sadness in frost.

 I’m retiring as a teacher finally at last,

English my passion, writing poetry fast.

People’s birthdays or leaving our school,

I’m asked to write poems, they know it’s my tool.

People I don’t know, just give me the gist,

Snippets about them in a simple list.

I’ll put them together in no time at all,

That’s to be relied on come summer or fall.

It’s time to now do this as my little  earner,

Every day a school day, always a learner.

Funerals or celebrations, poignant or glad,

Ensuring laughter’s always mixed with the sad.

If you have a person who’s special to you,

And want an original verse written on cue,

Look no further than Rhymes for all reasons, 

I’ll write something special whatever the seasons.

Something to cherish to keep for all time, 

You’ll have your very own wonderful rhyme!

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