Written for Mary’s 18th birthday, requested by her parents to put inside her card.

Mary you’re eighteen, you’ve now come of age,

Time for your story to turn a new page.

All grown up now, no longer a girl,

You’re a beautiful woman, you’re our precious pearl.

We’ve always been proud of what you’ve achieved,

A* in exams that we couldn’t believe,

You always worked hard to be a success,

Never once causing us any distress.

You always chose the right path to take,

I don’t believe that you’ve made a mistake.

Except for the time you burnt my best dress,

And your untidy room, that was always a mess,

And the time you got drunk on some sweet cider,

Having to sleep with a bucket beside her.

But most of our memories are filled with joy,

Those little blips our pride won’t destroy.

The times that we watched you starring in the school plays,

Juliet and Sandy, we’d just be amazed.

Playing lawn tennis and winning your matches,

Rounders and netball, your fabulous catches.

With friends all around you, you spend your time,

Caring and sharing, you’re just sublime.

We’re so proud of you on your special day,

We’ll always love you, come what may.

Happy birthday darling, make sure you have fun,

You deserve it, you’re our special one

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