This is a little poem I am going to illustrate and hopefully turn it into a children’s picture book. Hopefully enjoyed by children but with a message for us all.

Corky The Friendly Croc 

Never smile at a crocodile is what we’re always told,

But Corky,The Croc, liked to grin when he was 1 year old.

His parents tried to teach him to scowl,

Bare his teeth and a give a scary growl,

But he wanted some friends to laugh and have fun, 

Just cos he was a croc didn’t mean he should be glum. 

He didn’t want people to see him and scream,

Being with others was his little dream.

Being accepted for what he looked like,

Not labelled before by someone with spite.

One day a little boy wandered away,

Close to the river, Corky was in dismay…

If the little boy saw him it might give him a shock,

And if that happened he might slip from the rock!

Corky was worried he needed to act,

So he put on a smile and made a pact… 

If this little boy didn’t smile back

He’d simply become one of the pack!

A very special day Corky had to come out,

He had to show what he was all about. 

So slowly and gently he came out of the stream,

Feeling nervous but this was his dream…

His best smile in place, he approached the young lad,

Praying and hoping that he would be glad.

Corky surfaced and the boy saw his face,

A look of wonder and fear just a trace…

But the brightness and care that Corky Croc showed 

Was enough to make sure the friendship was sewed,

The little boy knew you shouldn’t smile at a croc,

But standing right there was his stumbling block.

A smiling and friendly baby crocodile,

With his teeth gleaming in his biggest smile.

A grin emerged from ear to ear,

The little boy knowing he had nothing to fear.

Croc led the little boy back to his mam,

Who scooped him up safely back in his pram.

She thanked Corky for saving her son,

Knowing her boy had a special friend won.

Corky watched over as the little boy rested

Human Nature had been thoroughly tested.

If we choose to see only what we expect,

We might not realise we’re so incorrect.

Corky and the boy always stayed together,

And you guessed right, they were happy forever!!!

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