A poem written for Joe on Saint Valentine’s Day for Debbie. (They have recently got engaged too)

I know you’re not supposed to know who I am,

But I can’t hide my love, I just never can.

St Valentine really gave me the bug,

There’s nothing more lovely than me in your hug.

Cupid’s arrow also pierced my heart,

I was struck with love’s own special dart.

When I first saw you I simply just knew,

That this was real love, beautiful and true.

I don’t like football, but you in your kit,

90 minutes of eye candy, I’m totally hit.

Your sense of humour just matches with mine,

Often saying things at the very same time.

Everyone thinks we look perfect together,

Me by your side whatever the weather.

We both like the same things, like Cluedo and darts,

Victoria sponges and gooey cheese tarts.

It seems to me that we’re meant for each other,

You’re for me, there won’t be another.

You’re my Valentine, the man of my dreams,

You can have my favourite coffee creams.

You make me happy each and every day,

You know what I have only left to say,

I will love you for all of my life,

And I can’t wait to become your wife!

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