Racist posts, we now have a shadow,

Idiots tweeting, cowards we all know.

Why these morons still choose to think,

They’re superior, it just makes you blink.

Boris said,”Crawl back under your rock.’

Face Book no action, now that’s not a shock.

A student of mine told she’d better leave,

A girl of colour, can you believe?

Told if she didn’t, she’d probably be lynched,

The Ku Klux Klan, we haven’t moved an inch.

Why do these idiots see only colour?

Their black versus white makes their lives so much duller.

Thank God it’s only the minority,

But it’s still  too unbelievable that we have to see

Our country being tarnished, we feel ashamed,

While they carry on, shockingly unnamed.

The team brought our country together united,

Instead of being cooped up we were all delighted.

Young lads together trying to make us all proud,

Instead they were targeted with this racist shroud.

Rashford, Saka and Sancho are heroes,

But they have to take these cowardly cruel blows.

Southgate comforting, not seeing who’s black,

Never expecting this racist attack.

Forget the racists who write this abuse,

They’re in the wrong and they have no excuse.

They need to be outed and pay for their crimes,

Why is this happening too many times?

I’m proud to be British, but not here today,

All I can feel is utter dismay,

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