Written for a family after the tragic loss of their son, Matt, in their bid to show the senseless nature of teen knife crimes.

No one can imagine their son never coming back.

Here just a second ago, we can still see his foot track.

There’s his print still etched in the mud,

But there’s no mistake that he’s gone for good.

A knock at the door, police on the road,

The expression of sorrow and deep heavy load.

The question of whether Pam is the mother…

A blur of confusion, you’re wrong it’s another…

Boy who was stabbed and died at the scene,

They must be wrong, this is a dream.

Because Matt wasn’t a lad involved in a gang,

At school and everywhere his praises were sang.

Sticking up for his mate, he got in the way,

Of a blade that went on to change every day

Of a sister’s life, now alone in the world,

No brother to argue with or love to unfurl.

A mother with a weight that can never be lifted,

Thoughts of the past, life now just drifted.

A father who no longer has his son by his side,

Never to watch on as he sees his lad’s bride.

All that is left are the thoughts of the past,

Of Matt who made sure that everyone laughed

At his pranks and jokes, always up to mischief,

Being successful, that was our belief.

A teen with a knife, there’s no sense at all.

A young man down, an unnecessary fall.

He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

More young bloodshed, another brutal crime.

We’ve lost Matthew, our past life is gone.

We try to move on, without our dear son.

If you’re carrying a knife, with intent to do harm,

Please put it down, as we raise the alarm.

Your life will be ruined, if you fail to see,

That peace is far better and that is our plea…

Be true to yourself and put your blade down

So kids can be safe in their very home town.

Matt will always remain in our lives

But it’s only his memory now that survives.

He can never grow old or have kids of his own,

All his potential has simply been blown.

But the love we shared, no one can take,

Even though they’ve managed to make our hearts break.

We’ll remember the short time that we had together,

Matt will be loved forever and ever.

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